About Us

Over 85% of Camden teachers are members of Camden National Education Union, and we have a significant and growing number of support staff who are members too. Such high membership rates among teachers in Camden schools contributes to making Camden a really great place to work. 

Why join the National Education Union?

There are several reasons to join the National Education Union.

Firstly membership to a union means being part of a collective which offers security. It means that we can campaign for your rights effectively, with widespread support. Over the last few years Camden National Education Union has campaigned around a range of issues, including Workload, Assessment, Appraisal, Funding and Pay. 

In the past we have won campaigns for members on Increased Maternity Leave, Extra Recruitment and Retention (R & R) payments, Performance Related Pay not being linked to exam results and more.  

Who can join the National Education Union?

Anyone who is employed directly by a school, supply teachers, student teachers, and retired school workers can join.  

We currently have recognition for collective bargaining for teachers at state funded schools in Camden, which means we have to be consulted about your terms and conditions or any restructures.

If you are not already a member then you can join here: https://neu.org.uk/join-now