Financial Support and Member Benefits.

As a member of the NEU, you have access to a number of financial services.  There are also ways that as a member of school staff, you can access a range of benefits and discounts for products and services.

Tax Rebate on your Subscription

Subscriptions to certain professional bodies (including the NEU) are tax deductible, meaning that you can claim a rebate for up to 4 years and change your tax code so that you pay a little less tax each year.  We have some members who have received rebates up to £300.

Ignore companies that offer to arrange this for a fee; you can do it more easily and quickly yourself.  The easiest way to make the claim is by post, though it can also be done online.  Click here to go to the government website for the P87 form.  

In order to complete the claim, you will need:

Claiming back tax.pdf

Here is a quick guide to completing some of the details on the claim.

Discounts and Services

With your NEU membership, you can access NEU Rewards (click here to sign up).  This offers discounts with a number of retailers - including major supermarkets -  and access to special rates with several financial service providers.

One of these that is particularly good is Lighthouse Finance, who offer a free consultation for NEU members, focusing on your individual needs.

All education workers can also sign up for Discounts for Teachers simply using your work email address.  Again, this offers discounts with a range of retailers and service providers. 

Money Saving Expert

Although in no way affiliated with the NEU, Martin Lewis' Money Saving Expert website provides excellent advice that is easy to follow and regularly updated.  You can subscribe to a weekly newsletter.  Some good places to start are: