Meeting Agendas and Documents

Our next General Meeting is on Tuesday 5th March, at 5pm, at The Crowndale Centre. A copy of the agenda can be found here...


General Meeting Calendar 2023-24

Tuesday 31st October (5 - 6:30pm)

Tuesday 28th November (5 - 6:30pm)

Tuesday 12th December - Social

Tuesday 30th January (5 - 6:30pm)

Tuesday 5th March (5 - 6:30pm)

Tuesday 23rd April (5 - 6:30pm)

Tuesday 14th May  (5 - 6:30pm)

Tuesday 18th June (5 - 6:30pm)

Tuesday 2nd July - Social

Camden NEU Support Staff Social

Camden NEU are inviting you to a dedicated social for support staff. It is clear the value that educational professionals place in support staff but we also know that a lot of the work and concerns are overlooked. We would like to address that. 

During a Health and Safety survey for the whole of Camden, over 70% of NEU members commented that there were not enough support staff in schools. We want to know the concerns of support staff so we can campaign for issues that matter to you.

The social will be held at the Crowndale Centre (Floor 3, Room 1) on Wednesday 28th February at 5pm. Food and drinks will be provided.

Please let us know of any dietary requests in advance. 

for more information contact Ezekiel Ojo (Camden NEU Support Staff Officer)