My Membership

Whether you’re a trainee, newly qualified or experienced teacher, lecturer, support staff or leader – working in a local authority, academy or independent school, sixth form college or FE/HE – you can join the NEU.  Click here for the different types and the rates for each.

It is very important that your membership details are up to date so that we can provide you with the best advice and support.  

We often find that people do not update contact details when moving home or changing their membership type when they go part-time or on parental leave (meaning you pay more than you should).

The easiest way to check and update your details is by going to myNEU.

Alternatively contact the central Membership Team on 0345 811 8111 or by clicking here.

The local Camden office is not able to make updates to your membership.

Please click here to find out how you can claim tax back on your NEU subscription.  It is well worth doing.